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A mobile ambassador for dairy products and the agriculture industry, Moovin' Mini tours around Wisconsin promoting dairy products in a fun and educational way to community youth to ensure they -
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MOOvin' Mini's Mission

Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland and today it is not uncommon for kids to have no personal link to a dairy farm.  Mini’s goal is to connect children to the dairy industry by interacting with them at local events and in the classroom.  Additionally, Mini strives to educate children of all ages about the importance of incorporating nutritious dairy products in a daily meal plan in a fun and delicious way!


MOOvin' Mini Fun Facts

  • When driving through the hills of Wisconsin, Mini's favorite MOOsic to listen to is classic rock 'n' roll
  • Mini's favorite ice cream is Cow Tracks
  • Mini is a Holstein cow car.  Holstein is one of the seven dairy cattle breeds found in the United States.
  • At over 16 years old, Mini still MOOves very fast

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Mini can travel within a 50 mile radius of Baraboo, Wisconsin

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